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Every time I build a new instrument always my design starts from a consolidated project, on paper printed 1:1


Premise: The CAD is not fundamental and certainly does not replace the ear, the hands and the eyes, but it may be useful.

First I have to say that redrawing the project plan and make ends meet all measures it gives me much more aware of what I'm going to build. I can see all measurements in real time. I can print the drawings of each component 1:1 obtaining the templates so.

This tool also allows, through the 3d, to develop the trend of the sides according to the convexity of the boards with extreme precision. Same goes for the crowning of the braces.

Surely develop the whole project in CAD takes time, but it is certainly helpful for the work that you will do.


The 3D render images help me, in many cases, to evaluate some aesthetic aspects.
The inlays, the juxtaposition of the wood, some finishing touches and customizations. Go to 3D SECTION

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