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10bIn this article I describe how I install a rosette on the side sound-hole  of my new All-Koa-Tenor2020 ukulele.


After choosing a piece of rosewood , I designed and I drill the channel for the abalone zipflex.










After that I bend the patch following the curvature line of the upper shoulder of the ukulele.




I installed the zipflex and I working on the external profile of the rosette.








I created the hole that will accommodate the rosette. This step is most delicate. At this point of the process, the internal reinforcement patch has not been installed yet (I will need it soon after). The side at this time is delicate, if you are not careful it could open cracks easily, so I go very carefully.





07Once the hole has been prepared, I can glue the internal spruce patch. This is both as a reinforcement and as a support base to glue the rosette.







After I glued the rosette I proceed to define  the internal contour.

In this process everythings done "free hand", from drilling to defining the shapes and I have to improve on some details certainly.

I hope I was clear in describing the process and this aroused interest in you.



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